Disaster Relief in Nevada County

The Nevada County Relief Fund exists to direct vital resources to our most vulnerable neighbors impacted by past, current, and future disasters.



How do I donate to the Nevada County Relief Fund?

You may donate online here with a credit card or by check. Please make checks payable to: Nevada County Relief Fund c/o SNMH Foundation P.O. Box 1810 Grass Valley, CA 95945.

For other ways to give, such as stock or other gifts, please contact Kimberly Parker at SNMH Foundation at (530) 477-9700 or kimberly.parker1@dignityhealth.org 


Is my donation to the Nevada County Relief Fund tax-deductible?

Yes, your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. The fiscal sponsor for the Nevada County Relief Fund is Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit. All activities associated with the Nevada County Relief Fund must comply with the requirements of its nonprofit status. If you have concerns, it is advisable you check with a tax professional for your specific needs. 


What is the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation's Tax ID?

Tax ID: 68-0005930


Who will manage the donations for the Nevada County Relief Fund?

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation is collecting and managing donations. SNMH Foundation shall only take reimbursement for credit card fees and direct expenses of the Nevada County Relief Fund. SNMH Foundation is also seeking in-kind donations to cover expenses where possible. A separate Relief Fund bank account has been established at River Valley Community Bank.

We’ve set up two ad hoc teams to manage the grantmaking process and make recommendations to the Community Advisory Committee; one for grantmaking to nonprofits serving western Nevada County, and the other for micro-grants to small businesses countywide. If you have further questions, please email us and a representative will be in touch.


Will the funds be restricted in use?

Donations will be 100% restricted to the Nevada County Relief Fund, and will not be comingled or used in any way by the County of Nevada, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, or SNMH Foundation.


How do I donate to the Tahoe Truckee Emergency Response Fund?

The Nevada County Relief Fund is proud to partner with the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF), who is leading the philanthropic response in eastern Nevada County. TTCF’s Tahoe Truckee Emergency Response Fund is focused on nonprofit organizations that serve Truckee and North Lake Tahoe. TTCF is a 22-year-old community foundation whose mission is to connect people and opportunities to generate resources for a caring, creative and effective community. Learn more at https://www.ttcf.net  


How will these funds make a difference?

Small, local businesses are at the heart of thriving rural communities. It is our hope that providing gap relief for many of our small businesses will help ease their burden and allow them to recover more quickly once the pandemic has passed.



Previous rounds of the Nevada County Relief Fund also supported nonprofit organizations. Why were nonprofit organizations ineligible for Round 5?

Round 5 is funded entirely from the County of Nevada’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation. The Board of Supervisors allocated $250,000 to the Relief Fund to support small, for-profit businesses. The Board also funded a $2 Million “Community Benefits” grant program designed to support community-serving organizations and institutions, many of whom are nonprofit entities. That program is expected to be announced later this summer.

For more information on supporting our nonprofit community, please visit the Center for Nonprofit Leadership in western Nevada County, and the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation in the east.

Who will qualify for grants?

Generally, you will need to be a Nevada County-based nonprofit or small business to qualify. For details about the current funding round, please see the top of this page. More details are available on the Apply page. To receive updates please provide your email here


What if I do not qualify for the Nevada County Relief Fund? 

Please visit the Sierra Business Development Center at https://www.sierrasbdc.com/ 


Who is behind the Nevada County Relief Fund?

The Nevada County Relief Fund was established in April 2020 through a partnership between the County of Nevada, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation (SNMH Foundation), Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation (TTCF), the Sierra Business Council (SBC), the Center for Nonprofit Leadership (CNL), and the Economic Resource Council (ERC). By partnering with these established community organizations, newly-raised funds will be streamlined, flexible, and able to address business and community needs. 


What is the Community Advisory Council?

The Relief Fund’s founding group (the County CEO’s Office, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Foundation, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, Sierra Business Council, Center for Nonprofit Leadership, and the Economic Resource Council), recruited well-respected community volunteers to serve on the Nevada County Relief Fund’s “Community Advisory Council” (CAC).

The CAC members will work to engage partners, articulate community needs, and lead high-level fundraising efforts in support of a County-wide response to this emergency. Their insights will inform strategy for both the “Nevada County Relief Fund” and TTCF’s “Tahoe Truckee Emergency Fund”.

(Please note that the CAC will have no governance or fiduciary role with either SNMH Foundation or TTCF. Ultimate oversight and approval are a governance role for SNMH Foundation and TTCF, who are fiduciaries of the respective funds.)